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MI-ATE: Multimodal Integrated Automatic Test Equipment for circuit board test.

TCIS: Terahertz Composite Inspection System for composite aircraft, ship and vehicle parts.

MEDTS: Molecular Electronics Development and Test System for nanotechnology applications.


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Revolutionary new methods and technologies based on multispectral sensor fusion and nanoscale sensors to detect material failure and failure effects in a variety of applications ranging from:

  • Identifying faults within electronic and mechanical components, as well as printed circuit boards,
  • Development and test of nanotechnlogy-based molecular electronics at the atomic level, and
  • Inspection of composite materials and parts that comprise aircraft, ships and vehicles.

Our approach vastly expands the comprehensiveness and range of test capabilities, with practical results that include:

  • Detection of previously undetectable failures and anomalies,
  • Overcome your cannot duplicate situations, and
  • Replace bad actor test programs that don't get the job done.

In addition to greatly reduced development costs!!!

Take a look at the products and services we provide in helping fulfill your electronics and materials test requirements.


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